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Diagram book housetop lights have 40 mm thick wooden bars and are 30% more diminutive than the other rooF lanternS. This infers you can value the wonderful point of view of the sky since you get simply more light in your condition and a more brilliant and pleasing space.

Why the guidebook housetop lights?

By adding a rooftop light to a level surface in your home, it will edify the light and develop your space. Despite the space in which you have to manufacture the light on the housetop, you can play out the effect and leave space for a whole repair.

Outline book housetop lights are furnished with impartial unique glass, so you can use your room 365 days a year. The glass, the temperature of the space for more significant comfort and controls oneself cleaning – glass when it hit the water that interface with the UV glass of the water partner to cover similarly, and a clear layer, soil on the Cleaning caused the housetop vents moreover help to ventilate, so you can value a great amusement on the most smoking summer days.

Our lights are an ideal place for both present day and customary homes and are the finishing contacts to a collection of every sort of property. In a front line condition, paying little heed to whether the Atlas housetop lights obliged a fabulous choice and plan rooftop lights, to close a huge gap, no prerequisite for appalling is a result of the perfect weight and the relationship of forces.

The level housetop covers are open both inside and outside in PVC or aluminium and in various RAL tints, for an impeccable or fluid dealing with.

 rooF lanternS

For what reason would it be a smart thought for you to pick graph book housetop lights?

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Correct Designs For Lanterns

An outline book rooF lanternS empowers you to make your space paying little personality to its size by empowering consistent light to enter your home. These handles, which are used in moved sizes, tints and designs, and are expected for estimations solidify extraordinary looks and delicate unobtrusive components with different warm ascribes to upgrade the nursery, development, or serums.


By growing the thickness and profile of a high rooF lanternS, we can make the ideal rooftop for each endeavour. With unique properties of warm insurance, value the usage amid the season of the building, which diminishes the risk of development, warming and cooling expecting almost no exertion, and high adequacy and imperativeness capability.